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neal2 large originalNeal Merbaum, AWMA, President

On financial planning: "One of my favorite words is 'plan.' Most people don't have one. My job is to ensure that they do."

On investing: "At first, I thought being an advisor entailed sitting at a desk reading piles of prospectuses, trying to outsmart the market, and it didn’t interest me; I sensed that it wouldn't work.  But as I learned about the value of passive investing and asset allocation, it resonated strongly with me, and I was hooked."

On Rocktree Financial: "Our goal is to marry financial acumen with a thoughtful, psychological approach to money management. We want to make a difference in people's lives with an approach that's understandable, digestible; that builds confidence in place of fear and doubt."

Neal Merbaum founded Rocktree Financial Advisors based on his unique melding of tenacious, detail- and process-oriented financial expertise, with his passion for helping others. He gained early experience in capital markets, serving for 11 years as a foreign exchange and commodities trading professional. He then embarked on an extensive, multifaceted career with a number of John W. Henry companies, including serving as a corporate executive, family foundation director, advisory board director and operational manager.

Neal also is a trained mediator in the Boston court system and a pro-bono consultant for Executive Service Corp. of New England. He holds a bachelor's degree in philosophy from SUNY at Stony Brook.

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