Client Care Essentials

A different way to make a positive difference.

Client Care EssentialsAt Rocktree Financial Advisors, our client care is dedicated to the notion that we're helping you steward your dreams, not just your dollars. As an individual or nonprofit Rocktree client, you can expect us to:

1. Get to know you well. Before taking any action, we take time ... to understand you and your particular challenges and opportunities.

2. Provide you with clear process. We support your loftiest goals with tight structure every step of the way.

3. Tell it to you straight. No hype; guided by logic and evidence, we help you cut through complexities.

4. Align our interests with yours. As a fee-only Registered Investment Advisor firm, our fiduciary relationship with you best positions us to champion your highest interests. (Read more.)

5. Stay engaged and informed. We remain in close contact with you, connecting you as well with our national network of professional and academic alliances.

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