InvestingYou're this close to confident investing. If you're like most investors, you've been at it a while, yet it still seems as if everyone else knows something you don't.

They're so busy reacting, adjusting, responding. ... But is it working?

Tear down the front, and the vast majority of investors are running blind, falling behind in a dissatisfying "Behavior Gap" between available market returns and their own, lagging results.

Redirect yourself toward your own goals. At Rocktree Financial Advisors, we'll show you what confident investing looks like. It's about advancing toward your own finish line – the one you've defined – with energy to spare for the things you really want to be doing. It's about deliberate action in place of sudden moves. It's about participating in market returns, not chasing them. It shifts your mindset from getting rich to living a rich life.

We call this "evidence-based" investing. (Or you may hear it called "passive investing.") In contrast to most investors' hyperactive (and costly) efforts, we help you plan, build and manage your portfolio to harness:

  • Sound investment theory – More than a half-century of solid academic evidence describes how markets are expected to deliver available returns to steadfast, patient investors. It has to do with "asset allocation" (because that's where you'll find the lion's share of return variation action), as well as a strong emphasis on cost control and tax management (because that's where most investors do the most damage to their results).
  • Sound portfolio construction – To convert theory into action, we turn to a few select fund families offering practical investment solutions designed according to these same principles. We construct the core of most of our client portfolios using low-cost, asset-class funds from Dimensional Fund Advisors.
  • Sound investment management – To help you reach your personal finish line, we manage your portfolio with disciplined buying, holding and periodic rebalancing. We also meet with you regularly to answer questions, improve understanding and explore whether your underlying goals have changed. If they do, we make portfolio adjustments to reflect your revised course. Sensibly, proactively, according to your unique needs.

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